Ode to One

Today is a special day. Rose and I have been married for one year. It has been a pretty standard year I guess. Full of change, financial struggles, and uncertainty.

Some memories of our first year:

-The wedding. Everything went perfectly.

-10 days in Maui. My first tropical vacation, perfect weather, two days in a rain forest.-3 weeks in Alaska. After I quit my business job and Rose graduated, we took off to her parents’ place for 3 weeks. Looking back I can’t believe we stayed for that long, but I sure fished a lot.
-Deciding to serve at Sunset.
-Rose graduating from college.
-Spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s with my family. Me getting through my first semester of seminary without any C’s.
-Anonymous gifts during times of need.
-3 days in Canada with my mom’s side of the family.
-Growing up together.