Fortuitous Bouncing

American Idol Thought

  • The first week was awful. Why would you start the top 24 with a theme night and of all themes you do 60s night? I thought 5 out of the 24 showed they were good, but it was horribly bad overall. I can’t wait until we’re down to the top 12 or top 10 or whenever they get out of the studio, because 5 hours of American Idol per week is TOO MUCH!



Random Thoughts

  • The wife spent 100 bones on a straightener since the one I got her for her birthday sucks. Can’t you straighten hair with an iron?
  • 60 degrees in February makes me thankful that I live in Portland.
  • Dwight Howard in the Slam Dunk Contest was unbelievable. His new name is Superman…here is why.


  • worshipfan

    Thanks for the visit and the comment….nice site! I agree on the Americal Idol thoughts!


  • Miranda

    it would have been better if he actually dunked it rather than chucked it.

  • lynne

    The former generation DID use a real iron to straighten their hair. ;0)

    Yes, I agree that theology is important to study….. Depending on the author, particular persuasions can be gained. Do you have theological books for the lay person you suggest? I have appreciated reading the book “Basic Christianity” by John Stott.

    Nader? Really? I hadn’t heard. Wow.

    On rockstar worship leaders:
    The leader’s job is to point the glory to God. To take it for himself/herself would be counter to the whole cause of worship. Perhaps it is easier for larger churches to perpetuate a feeling of celebrity with their music leaders? Autographs? Weird.

    In grand conclusion:
    There are more beautiful places than Portland at 60 degrees. (really, truly! ) :0)