My Generation

Yesterday seemed to be the day of blog posts on the millennial generation. I want to point you to three posts from yesterday:

  1. Rhett Smith on millennials and how it effects the PCUSA (Presbyterian Church of the USA).
  2. A response to Rhett’s post by Neal Locke at Presbymergent.
  3. Scott at Read Scott on some unknown truths about postmoderns.

These are 3 of the best things I’ve read in a while, as far as describing my generation.

Now I’ll add a few of my thoughts.

  • Rhett talked about the disinterest in issues surrounding homosexuality for millennials. I think that is right on.
  • Authority is found within the consensus of those around you. Around you is no longer just those within your daily footprint. Your footprint reaches people around the world, just in a different way.
  • I agree with Locke, in that some type of system of government or decision making is in place with every church or denomination. Some have a government hierarchal system, others rely on one pastor to make all decisions. I don’t think that postmoderns or millennials are necessarily drawn to one or the other.
  • Scott is right on with the whole music thing. My generation loves music, good music. We often worry about doing new songs in church, but I think it applies less and less. Everyone can listen to everything (thanks iTunes)
  • Reaching people for Christ comes through relationship and conversation. Most other forms are not as effective.

You might wonder why I talk a lot about the emerging church, or postmodernism, or the millennial generation (all kind of fall under the same umbrella). I have a passion for reaching my generation for Christ. Nearly all of my friends from high school no longer attend church or care about the Jesus they loved when they were younger. The church (all believers) has done a horrible job of finding ways to speak to my friends. I hope posts on this help you come to know how my generation operates.