Weekend Away

Rose and I headed south this weekend. Spent last night at my parents and will tonight as well.

We also led worship at our old church, which is also where my dad is a pastor. It was great to see some old friends, fellow worshipers, and some bloggers as well (Miranda and Randy).

Here is a look at our set from this morning.

  • All Because of Jesus- my dad wanted me to do this one. I didn’t think anyone would know it, but he said “well its on the radio.” I said, “who listens to the radio?”. Guess who was right? My dad. Quite a few people knew it.
  • Your Grace is Enough- I had never played this song, but it has been done at New Harvest quite a bit.
  • Everlasting God- haven’t played this one much either, but it was pretty well known too.
  • Jesus Paid it All- love this song…can’t wait to do it at Sunset next weekend.
  • Message was on Acts 17 and repentance
  • Special: In Your Freedom- love this song too.
  • Take My Life- great way to end the service.

Thanks to Miranda for the picture. I think I look disinterested in the picture. I promise, I was quite happy and enjoying worshiping.

Rose and I haven’t been out of town for longer than 10 hours since January, so it was nice to get away. Even though it is familiar territory, its fun to be with family and to get some time to relax. I even played basketball for the first time in ten months at the local athletic club….I didn’t shoot much because it wasn’t pretty. Trevor (my brother) played with the big boys and held his own. It was cool to be able to play with him in a 5×5 game (one of the few times that has happened in my life). You know you have passed your athletic prime when you volunteer for rebounding duty, haha.

Day after basketball update: I’m really sore….

How was your weekend?