I'm Insulated

Meet Arnie.

Arnie is from East Portland. Less than a year ago Arnie lived in a van in Portland selling and using meth.

Thanks to JOIN and Sunset Pres, Arnie is trying to put his life back together.

Today Arnie and I hung out all afternoon. We had a video shoot at the church with him today, and he doesn’t have a car so I helped him get there and back.

Arnie showed me that I live an insulated life with an isolated view. I come in contact with people who have it all together, who pay their bills, and are some of the richest people in the world. I don’t come in contact with the Arnie’s of the world. I do a lot to avoid them.

I asked Arnie one question. Should Christians care for the poor and needy? His answer surprised me.

He said yes, but that it wasn’t about providing food or giving money. Truly caring is showing RESPECT. Even he, as he now has a home, has a hard time doing this. And I know that I have a hard time giving and showing respect to those who are deemed lower than me by society. Thanks Arnie, I am challenged.

Be sure to come Sunday to hear Arnie’s story during the service.