We the Purple .2

Part One– Review of the book

I think the crux behind independent voters is that they believe there are more than two sides to most discussions, more than two voices that need to be heard, and more than two solutions to all problems.

The power of blogging and the internet has changed the way politicians campaign and win and lose elections. The internet has given independents a party of their own. It has given them a voice just as loud as the 2 traditional parties.

  • In the 2006 elections Jim Webb won over incumbent George Allen through a blogging campaign called “Draft Webb”, through a YouTube video with Allen having a “macaca” comment, and a video of Allen’s staffers taking out a Webb supporter.
  • 60 million people used the internet to look up information regarding the 2006 election.

What does this all mean? The internet provides a communication that is no longer from the mountain top on down. It empowers the powerless and has given redemption to many of the marginalized. More people are heard, and more people are able to speak to the world.

Obviously the internet and Web 2.0 (blogging, Facebook) has changed the way the world communicates and understands power and opinion. No longer do I only get information from the evening news or the morning newspaper…I get it all day long from friends and bloggers. And the it is the internet that has allowed independents to be the people who will elect the next President.

Has the internet changed how you deal with politics?