Chicago: Day Deuce

Today was the first day of the Willow Creek conference. I thought I’d share some of the things I didn’t get to share during my posts on the main sessions of the day.

  • Robbie Seay led a time of worship/concert for about 40 minutes. I could tell that not a lot of people there knew his stuff, but I did, and I loved it. Check out their set up below. Very simple. One keyboard, small drum kit, bass, electric, and acoustic. I really love their sound. Check them out if you haven’t.
  • Willow is huge. Picture a community college campus that has an incredible auditorium, and you have Willow. I’ll get some pictures here pretty soon.
  • Weber Grills has restaurants. Odd, I know, but that was our dinner spot tonight. Pretty good grub actually.
  • I spilled my lunch all over myself. I think Jay got video of the mess. I’m not looking forward to watching that.
  • I forgot how flat the midwest is, really quite boring if you ask me. There is never anything to look at.
  • Forecast tomorrow: High of 87, scattered strong thunderstorms. I cannot wait!!! Sadly it is hitting Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin right now which already has some flooding. And I just read that it produced a tornado that killed 4 Boy Scouts. Now I’m worried…