Fortuitous Bouncing

Well it is finally summer in Oregon. 2 weeks straight of sunshine, no rain, and temperatures between 70 and 80. In fact it is supposed to hit 97 tomorrow. THIS is why I still choose to live in Oregon.

  1. Amos is a frequent commenter who wrote a thought provoking post titled, Questions For the Left. Great stuff Amos.
  2. Over 50 people wrote about “what is missional?” this week. Here is one of those posts by Jonathan Brink.
  3. Richard Mouw, President of Fuller Seminary, has some interesting thoughts on marriage in California.
  4. This is tough to watch. Parents in Indonesia are being forced to put their kids in orphanages because of poverty.
  5. My dad’s church has purchased a new property that already has a church building. They are moving in throughout the summer.
  6. Pace Hartfield, worship pastor of Fellowship Church, wrote an awesome post on emotion in worship.
  7. Shawn McDonald was attacked in an attempted carjacking earlier this week. Keep him in your prayers.
  8. Perry Noble is starting a coaching network for senior pastors. One catch: it costs $1,500.
  9. How can the church become a body?
  10. A picture of India’s caste system.