When the Tears Fall

On Sunday the song “When the Tears Fall” set up Barb’s message on being a community of authenticity for those in pain. This is a song that I have loved ever since Tim Hughes wrote it, a song that has ministered to me in deep ways many, many times. I am lucky I was able to pass on to the church those times I’ve had with God by singing this song on Sunday.

The thing I love most about the song is that Tim awknowledges the crap of life. But his message rings out with a pain stricken “I will praise You!”. It is a phrase that always meets me no matter where I am in life.

[Vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/1423641]

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I hope this song ministers to you like it does to me.

(A huge thanks to the band: Jill, Aaron, Nick, Debbie, Ben, and Rebecca on vocals. You made me sound good.)

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