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When the Tears Fall

On Sunday the song “When the Tears Fall” set up Barb’s message on being a community of authenticity for those in pain. This is a song that I have loved ever since Tim Hughes wrote it, a song that has ministered to me in deep ways many, many times. I am lucky I was able to pass on to the church those times I’ve had with God by singing this song on Sunday.

The thing I love most about the song is that Tim awknowledges the crap of life. But his message rings out with a pain stricken “I will praise You!”. It is a phrase that always meets me no matter where I am in life.


(video embedded rss readers)

I hope this song ministers to you like it does to me.

(A huge thanks to the band: Jill, Aaron, Nick, Debbie, Ben, and Rebecca on vocals. You made me sound good.)

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  • JR

    Good song. I haven’t heard that one before. On a critique note, he recording is super-compressed and you could use a windscreen ;)

  • Tyler

    The recording is straight from the sound board…I did nothing to change any of that because I don’t know how. Sorry.

  • Seth

    Recordings through the board can be brutal (I wish we could get ambient recordings!), but I thought it came out well. I first heard this one on a Newsboys worship album. Great song, great message.

    “Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him.”

  • Tyler

    Yeah I’m always apprehensive about putting up a recording like this for everyone to hear, because it isn’t too flattering for the voice. But…what the heck, I don’t care that much :)

  • rossgale

    Your voice is a mix between Fergie and Jesus. Great job. You can play around with the sound on garage band.

  • Kevin Davis

    Thanks for sharing – felt like I was at church with you guys.

  • Sean Hammack

    Great song! I have never heard it before, but what great lyrics that ring true to all of our lives, especially mine right now.

    Thanks again Tyler!

  • brent(inWorship)

    I have always loved this song. I am a huge Tim Hughes fan!

    Nicely done.

  • marina

    My daughter gave me this song to listen to quite a while ago. I remember liking it, but filing it away for another time. Well, a couple of months ago, I heard Tim H. do this at a concert. I was blown away by it. Maybe a different phase in worship for me. Your rendition is so cool. I love the stripped down beginning. And the band responds really well to you and your vocals. Great job and thanks for sharing. Very real and gritty and moving.

  • dan perkins

    thanks for sharing this. I’ve not heard this song before and can see this being done in our future here when we need to cry out from dealing with hurt.

  • Audra Krell

    It’s wonderful that you are willing to share like this. I was very touched by this song, it’s my first time hearing and I like your version.

  • CJ Mills

    I wish Tim Hughes was my brother – great song writer.

  • dorothy (vicar of vibe)

    Just keep praising Him! Very, very nice.

  • Colin

    The song is awesome. I wish the camera work/video direction had been better, but I’ll work on that for the next one ;)

  • Tyler

    Colin you are my video direction hero! You did an awesome job.

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