5 Questions for 5 Influencers: Brent (inWorship)

Back in July I wrote about the 5 blogs that have shaped me the most. They have shaped me as someone in seminary, someone in ministry, and someone who blogs. I thought it would be great to learn more from these men, so I contacted them all and was able to ask some of them some questions.

Today is 5 questions and 5 answers from Brent Hodge. Brent is a worship pastor in Southern Oregon, and Rose and I have had the great opportunity of going out to coffee with he and his wife Tam. They are the real deal! Here we go…

  • What made you want to work at a church?

It was never an issue of wanting to work at a church for me. I just knew I wanted to use my gifts for God. My Dad was a Pastor, so I had opportunity in church to use my gifts. Down the road, I was given more opportunities to be a part of ministry and I just went with it. I never sought it out, but God directed me right into it.

  • What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Listen before you speak. That’s been with me since elementary school and it has been invaluable. As I’ve gotten older, it continues to mean so much more. It’s not just about letting the other person talk first. It’s more about knowing the person and understanding their perspective and how my Bias is interpreting what they have to say. Only then, can I even think about responding. I’m still learning this 🙂

  • What is the number one reason you blog?

A place to get my thoughts out. I like to think, but I like to talk out my thoughts. My wife is awesome for this, we have incredible discussions. But the blog, is a place where I can gain a huge amount of perspective. Things I thought were one way, all of a sudden take on a new light when someone else brings something to the table, I love that.

  • What is one book that has changed your life and how did it change you?

“The Dangerous Act Of Worship” by Mark Labberton this book deals with Justice and Mercy in God’s eyes and how our worship is so much more action that words. It still affects me and has really helped to shape my “worldly” priorities.

  • What are the best/worst parts of church ministry for you?

Best? What I do. I am able to give of my gifts fully in ministry. I am seeking my passions daily and doing it all in a full time position. I have the perfect job.
Worst? It can become more job than ministry. It is a constant balance of doing things or living a life of faith.