Christians Hate Obama

Today I want to call for peace in this political election.

A truce from this escalating mess.

I believe Christians continue to take their tones to worsening levels as this election goes on and we are not representing Christ. Let me say that again…the way many Christians are acting during this election does not represent Christ. And things only seem to be getting worse as election day draws closer.

In the name of stepping up intensity against Obama, many Christians are tarnishing the name of Jesus.

I saw 2 things today that made me cringe (not because I’m endorsing Obama). I thank John McCain for denouncing both.

I understand why many Christians believe Obama is the wrong candidate for Christians to vote for and obviously anyone who supports pro-choice as much as he does should be questioned. Yet, I think the Christians against Obama have gotten it all wrong.

I don’t think Jesus called us to go against someone…he called us to promote Himself.


(HT: Burnside Writers and MMI)