The Only VP Debate

I was only able to watch 45 minutes of it because Thursday nights are busy ones for me. I can’t remember a debate that was as anticipated as this one in my lifetime. Sure…I’m young, but still.

Being that this was the only VP debate of the campaign and that both of these candidates are still new to the national spotlight, despite one being a Washington veteran and the other being brand new to it, I think this was a pretty important debate. Although, I don’t think people vote for Vice Presidents in Presidential elections, in most cases.

Going into the debate I think most people were just waiting for the “other side” to slip up. This was a chance to learn more about both VP Candidates though. That will be the problem with all the debates between Obama and McCain: there is nothing left to learn.

Thoughts from me:

  • Within 5 minutes I was already sick of hearing both VP candidates talking about their political partner. Barack Obama this, John McCain that…this was the one debate where we wouldn’t have to hear those names.
  • It was pretty obvious that this was a VP debate and not a Presidential debate…Palin seemed a little nervous cause she talked really fast; Biden stumbled over his words a number of times.
  • It was nice to hear someone admit that something will have to be given up due to an almost $1 Trillion bill about to be passed. How could there not be something?

Without ripping a part either candidate…

What did you think of the debate? Who won? Did you learn anything about them and their positions on issues?

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