Historic Night

I mulled just about every day from this past week, whether to blog about the finished election. I came to the conclusion that I haven’t been afraid (well at times I have, but mostly not) to blog about politics before, so what should stop me now. So here it goes.

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Tonight was going to be a historic night either way. Obama represents the first African-American President in U.S. history and Palin would have been the first woman Vice President in U.S. history. Either would have been monumental. With all that said, today’s election of Obama deserves acknowledgment as a truly historic moment in time. No matter who you voted for or what you think of Obama, this night should be celebrated on that level at the highest volume. The echoes of what this means in history will likely be heard for hundreds of years.

Here are a few thoughts of mine:

  • The Democrats now have a strong majority in the House, Senate, and control the Executive Branch. Obama will have no excuses if nothing gets passed. It has been a long, long time since we have seen this type of one party domination. I don’t know that it is a real positive thing.
  • I happily enjoyed my free coffee at Starbucks and free donut at Krispy Kreme. All that just for voting. Pretty sweet!
  • As Christians, we are to submit to government authority. As Christians, we are also to be grateful for the leaders of our governments.
  • We should be seeking reconciliation with those we have wronged for being on the “other side.”
  • Just about half of the country didn’t want Obama to be President.
  • A solid majority of Christians voted for McCain, so it would be fair to say that a majority of Christians are pretty disappointed tonight. But like I’ve said before, our hope should not be in the U.S. government. Our hope lies in Christ. We should be praying for Obama and the government he will put in place.
  • It looks like all the gay marriage amendments fell in favor of those supporting marriage between a man and woman.

I believe that everyone needs to hear this. I really mean that (mostly the first 1:30). In this election more than any other, I’ve seen Christians put their hope in politics and government like never before. This video says what is on my heart more than anything else.

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Anything thoughts on the now finished election?