Advent Conspiracy

If you attend most any church or read any blogs you have probably heard of Advent Conspiracy by now. In fact my church (Sunset Presbyterian Church) is taking part in Advent Conspiracy.

If you haven’t heard of Advent Conspiracy, instead of me explaining it, I’ll point you in THIS direction which has a good history of it, including its Portland roots. This is the video we have been showing at Sunset to get people thinking about how they can take part.

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First off, I love this idea. I really love it. And as you can tell by the number of churches and blogs it is certainly catching on.

But let me be real with you…

The pessimist inside of me wonders if it will make any difference.

I wonder if people will adopt “doing” Advent Conspiracy because they just simply have less money this year, so they have to.

Or I wonder if people will do Advent Conspiracy because they want to save money.

I also wonder why it takes a “conspiracy” for Christians to do Christmas different than the rest of society.

I know a lot of you have heard of and have thoughts on all this and I’m curious what you have to say.

What do you think about Advent Conspiracy? (positive and/or negative)

Tomorrow I’ll share what Rose and I are doing for Advent Conspiracy.