Something about the end of a calender year is climactic. I tend to operate more on a school year schedule ending in May/June, than the calender which obviously ends in December.

But with that said, just about everyone has been posting end of the year posts.

They almost always include links to their favorite post, the most viewed post, and the least viewed post. So I thought…heck…why not?

  • My favorite post that I wrote this past year is definitely Meeting Jesus in a Bar. I wrote it last January, almost a year ago. It got a decent amount of feedback even way back then.
  • The most viewed post this past year was far and away my first post about the song Healer. Not sure if this is good or bad, but it was one of the biggest stories in Australia this year. The post had a lot of my knee-jerk reaction to hearing the sad news. It has over 2,800 views and over 50 comments.
  • My least viewed post this past year was a post on the 7th chapter of Shane Claiborne’s Irresistible Revolution. I’m not sure why, but only 11 people looked at it. And it was actually my favorite chapter in the book.

If you happen to recall a post from this past year that stuck out to you…which one was it?