A Lot of Talk: My Response

Last Friday I posted this quote:

“Will we, as the next generation, continue to sit in front of our computers blogging and bantering or will we actually ‘go’?…So far, in this ‘movement’ there’s been a lot of talk, a lot of name-making, and already a lot of hero worship, yet minimal action.”

Thanks for all your responses on what you thought about it.

I’ll share just a couple thoughts of mine about it.

  1. I don’t understand the logic that having dialog about something is bad. I know that my stubborn and selfish personality needs the dialog to break down all the insulation I have between myself and helping those who need it. If blogging is bad then so is reading books and listening to sermons from pastors.
  2. In a few cases blogging does result in action. In most cases though, I think blogging is a starting place.
  3. I like what Jonathan said: “Dialog is an integral part of action.” And I totally agree with that. Nothing ever happened without some sort of dialog and communication first.
  4. I don’t know the person who wrote the quote, but I have to wonder if his opinion is based on just a few people. The quote goes to claim that this whole generation is doing minimal action. That is a pretty broad extremely broad statement. Too broad for me. However his challenge is a great thing. I have no problem with that.
  5. A few of you said the statement was basically right on. And I do think there is a point there. I think people are wrong that claim this generation is involved with lots of action. I am forever challenged with the Oscar Schindler thought of “I should have done more.” We aren’t doing and haven’t done enough.

Any new thoughts?