Fortuitous Bouncing

Apparently we got some earthquakes up here in the middle of the night on Friday. I didn’t feel it since we are in the basement, but it woke up my in laws who are on the 2nd floor. Here is a chart of the latest earthquakes. We are in the “Kenai Pensinsula” area of Alaska so look for that name in the description to see which ones we might feel.

  1. What cell phone companies don’t want us to know about texting.
  2. Not that I wouldn’t accept the money if I were in those shoes, but I guess teen pregnancy now pays big money.
  3. Scot McKnight has some helpful thoughts on blogging about books. I’m heeding his advice as often as I can.
  4. A Muslim family was kicked off a flight leaving from DC because a fellow passenger overheard something “suspicious”. I don’t claim to know the details about this, but this looks like blatant racism on a lot of levels to me.
  5. Rick Jelliffe blogged for the last year about living for one year without phone, tv, internet, alcohol, no purchases, etc. He shares some great thoughts on what his overall experience was.
  6. Um…what the heck are the Broncos thinking? Please please please, Vikings, please fire your coach and hire Mike.
  7. The sunrise in Alaska on New Years morning.

Why can’t vacations last forever?