Fortuitous Bouncing

Well…the Madness is down to 8 teams. Considering all the 1-seeds are alive and the rest of the teams are all 2 or 3 seeds, I would say that rest of the games will be pretty competitive. Poll question below (embedded RSS readers):

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  1. Are we relevant enough? I’ll touch on something close to this in a post next week.
  2. Tony Campolo says he is “the older brother” in the prodigal son story.
  3. Young families are less likely to turn to the church for moral values now.
  4. Along those same lines…Scot McKnight had an interesting post on whether people need to believe in God to be moral.
  5. Interesting post on what makes both liberals and conservatives mad at the same time: abortion reduction.
  6. A response to the rising popularity of neo-Calvinism. Well played Richard.


From rainy Portland. Have a blessed weekend brothers and sisters.