Fortuitous Bouncing

After going another 4.5 months without a haircut I told Rose I’d chop off a bit again yesterday. She definitely didn’t see that coming. $30 later, I now have shorter hair. Not sure if it was worth it, but the wife is happier and I know that is a good thing.

Anybody else think The Amazing Race was pretty anticlimactic? I am glad that Tammy and Victor beat the other 2 teams though. They deserved to win.


  1. A rant on sermons worth reading written by Aaron Ghiloni.
  2. Rhett Smith has a thought provoking series on suburban spiritually.
  3. Interesting post on a look into one seminary from the perspective of a woman (fyi- this is not a post about the seminary I attend).
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  5. This quote from Mother Theresa had a bit of a bite to it.
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Have a great weekend!