Fortuitous Bouncing

Had a lot of fun this morning hanging out with Ric and his girlfriend. Wished they lived closer than 3,000 miles away.

Please pray for a friend of ours and her kids. They really need it.


  1. Should Christian leaders who support gay marriage but don’t do so vocally be pushed out of the closet?
  2. What does it really mean that ‘everyone is a missionary‘?
  3. Really loved what Jim Wallis had to say about Obama being at Notre Dame.
  4. Tony Morgan shares some of his theology of leadership. Incredible stuff. We need more leaders like this.
  5. What John Piper would describe preaching as. Gotta love him.
  6. Mark Batterson shares some great thoughts on staff transitions in churches.
  7. Loved this post on dogma and disagreement. Totally nailed it for me.


Grace and Peace.