Left With Nothing

Last Friday I shared a post on God’s Word for the local church from Revelation. Today I want to look at Revelation 18 and what we could call the demise of evil. I love the way Eugene Peterson sums up this part of the book, which focuses on the demise of evil’s focus on monetary things.

“In whore-worship they got everything they wanted, their lives overflowed with things, and now it is gone, wasted, up in smoke. They are bereft of everything they were promised and invested in and enjoyed. It is not their businesses that have collapsed, but their religion, a religion of self-indulgence, of getting. Now it is gone: salvation-by-checkbook is gone, god-on-demand is gone, meaning-by-money is gone, religion-as-feeling is gone, self-as-(temporary)-god is gone. They are left with nothing but themselves, of whom after a lifetime in the whorehouse, they know nothing.”

I think the question we need to ask ourselves is what/who is our first love?

Who says the Bible isn’t relevant to today?