And The Truth Is

If you’re a Coldplay fan, you might think I’m writing a post about their lyrical line “and the truth is, I miss you.” Sadly I am not, the posts about Coldplay shall take a hiatus for now.

How many times you have been countered in a discussion with someone who says they know “the truth”? This is quite common within Christianity. And certainly there are areas where truth is knowable and places where the Bible outlines this for us.

A professor of mine has often said, “God’s truth is knowable because he has given us his word (The Bible).” Yet, I often find myself thinking that much of what we claim to be know as truth is merely our own inclination or somewhat informed position.

We say the truth is that women are not supposed to be in church leadership and must submit to men.

Or we say that the truth is God desires complete equality between genders in all areas of life.

The truth is God would vote for a Republican or the truth is God is an independent.

Some of these convictions may very well be truth according to God, but we cannot fully know the truth on these subjects yet.

(This barely scratches the surface of the ways Christians abuse “truth”)

On many occasions there are well educated and respected people on various sides of arguments. Yet we end up shouting at each other with knowledge of what truth is.

I’m not saying Christianity and the Bible has a bunch of contradictions, just that the Bible isn’t exhaustive on the various subjects we argue over.

I have no problem with people having personal and theological convictions and living those out to the full.

What I do have a problem with is masking those convictions by calling them truth.

When do we cross the line in fighting for truth?