Fortuitous Bouncing

I heard Randy Alcorn speak at The Way last night. He shared in a q/a format from his book titled Heaven. I haven’t read the book but know many who have. It was really interesting to hear, though probably over the head for the average person.

One thing that came to my mind is how much focus Christians put on the tribulation and the events of Revelation, and how little focus we give to what heaven will be like. That needs to change, now.


  1. NT Wright has some thoughts on blogging and social media.
  2. “Taking the Bible seriously, but not always literally.” Hmm…..
  3. Jonathan Brink shared some thoughts on issues with ordination of pastors.
  4. Did Jesus lead a balanced life? Good thoughts from Christine Sine.
  5. Some wisdom from Henri Nouwen.
  6. 3 steps to stop spammers on Twitter from Matt Singley.
  7. Brian McLaren shares 4 lessons we should learn from the religious right. I wonder what people will write in 20 years about his religious left.


Another hot weekend in Portland. Stay cool.