Fortuitous Bouncing

It probably doesn’t help NBC that Ice Dancing and Curling are two of the sports they have to cover for the Winter Olympics. About the only thing those are good for is a good nap. Add a time delay to Curling and Ice Dancing and you have VERY BAD T.V. 🙂

I don’t want everyone to move from California to Oregon, but the secret we all have up here is that our weather isn’t that bad. It has been right around 60 and sunny all week. The flowers are starting to bloom, spring is here a month early than normal (picture of the tree blooming in our front yard).


  1. Jesus doesn’t care about your blog.
  2. Thanks to Bob Hyatt for this free Lent Prayer Guide.
  3. Rhett Smith spent close to a week in Haiti recently. I enjoyed this post on rebirth in the midst of the chaos.
  4. Helpful reminder from Los about the importance of worship leaders leading beside people, not just in front. Easily the hardest thing for me to do as a worship leader.
  5. How should Christians respond to the movement towards a culture of free?
  6. Best post I’ve read from John Piper in a long time. He shares from his journal in 1986 when he almost quit working at a church.


Have a great weekend.