How NBC Ruined The Olympics

I’ve been a huge fan of the Olympics since I was a kid. I even bought an arrow quiver after seeing all the professional archers on the big stage.

I loved how we created heroes out of people who hardly made any money at what they did.

I loved how people competed for their countries rather than for themselves or for their professional teams.

I loved how everyone you knew was rooting for the same people, at the same time.

I loved how it gave us a look at sports that are only valued every 4 years.

I loved how it was truly a worldwide event.

But I have to say that NBC has ruined the Olympics for me. I signed up for the NBC text updates leading up to the Beijing Olympics and have continued to get them during the Vancouver Olympics. And not only that but between online news, Twitter, and Facebook I cannot avoid but see the results of events as they happen.

So now instead of enjoying watching an Olympic competition with the entire country, I find out the results hours before I would be able to watch it on tv.

The funny thing is that I live 6 or 7 hours (by driving) away from Vancouver and most events I’ll be watching 6 or 7 hours after they happen.

What NBC has failed to realize is that people would always prefer to watch live when it comes to sports. So rather than being excited about the Olympics, I probably won’t watch much because I can find out the results online hours before I could watch them on NBC.

In a world of social media and up-to-the-minute update sharing, NBC has missed the boat in bringing the Olympics to us.

Are you still watching the Olympics?