Below the Surface

I often tell the students I serve with that leading worship for middle schoolers goes far beyond how they react initially. Often they would rather screw around than focus on the God we’re trying to get them to worship. It is hard to tell the way that God is working even when it might seem that people could careless.

I had the great opportunity to attend Social Fresh yesterday in Portland. It is a social media conference focused around marketing and I won a ticket to it last week through Twitter. I’m no marketing guru, but it was interesting to attend and listen through the lens of how all this effects the church. More and more I am reminded of how much the church is missing out on by largely ignoring this phenomenon we call social media. I’ll share some of my thoughts and notes on the conference tomorrow.

At the opening of the day there was a video shown that captured so much of how I see social media being a game changer.

Trust me, you want to watch this short video (come here if you can’t see the video)

In many ways social media is similar to the ways God is working below the surface. The connections and relationships built today have many positive repercussions far down the road.

Considering changing the name of this blog to Mister Splashy Pants now…