Fortuitous Bouncing

After our weather the past 4 days, I’m very thankful to have air conditioning for the first time. It is a huge blessing when the temp is still 90* at 9pm. I’m scared of the electric bill though…

I know the Twins are a great 2nd half team most years, but they’ve been hard to root for the past month. And they couldn’t land Cliff Lee in a trade either. Not looking too good.

Hope you fellow Oregonians survived the heat wave.


  1. If we can learn one thing from Eugene, we must learn to be careful what we tweet.
  2. The Mentoring Project could really use a vote from you to help them win a grant from Chase Bank.
  3. Jan wrote a great post titled “A View from the Pew.”
  4. Why does social media matter to your ministry?
  5. Loved this from Dave Ramsey: “The spiritual side of money.” He has some truly challenging, yet thoughtful words.


Have a great weekend.