Fortuitous Bouncing

8 weeks. Portland. No rain. Looks like the beautiful run might come to an end Sunday though.

My in laws are in town this weekend for my father in law’s 40 year HS reunion. This time he and his old touring band are getting back together for a trip down memory lane. Read this newspaper story from Corvallis all about it.

It’s a banner week of links, lots of great stuff I read this week.


  1. This was funny and true from Adam on the phases of writing. I find myself at stage 3 quite often.
  2. As someone who grew up in a pastor’s home and now works at a church, this post broke my heart because it is so true. “Death by Ministry” from Eugene Cho.
  3. Great summary of the evangelical landscape we find ourselves in.
  4. 3 cultural trends impacting church leadership.
  5. First I read this great piece on the Ground Zero “Mosque” and appreciated its fact checking.
  6. Then I read this piece on the same subject from a college prof and appreciated his thoroughness.
  7. Then I saw this piece on the same subject and laughed.


Feel free to comment with thoughts on any of the links.

Have a great weekend.