Fortuitous Bouncing

Just one week left in the mentoring series. Time flies I guess.

Tuesday was a special night. For the first (and maybe only) time in my lifetime, the Twins were the first team in Major League Baseball to win their division. As a Twins fan I’ve often been left to cheering for the underdog who was lucky to make the playoffs. Even without their 2nd best player, it has been a special year.


  1. Interesting post from Karen on whether or not Christians should be praying for the salvation of Christopher Hitchens.
  2. Great video dialogue on the importance of a pastor “always getting to the gospel” in a church gathering. This is BY FAR my biggest complaint with topical preaching, it often misses the gospel.
  3. Not sure how to describe this post, but I’d say its a must read.
  4. 7 ways to applaud your favorite bloggers.
  5. See You At the Pole was earlier this week for students around the world. When I was in school I always looked forward to it, but this post raises some great questions about whether churches should be pushing it or not.
  6. Oh how this resonated with me: introverts in evangelical America.


Have a wonderful weekend friends.