Maybe We Are to Blame

In conversations I have with friends disconnected from the church, I often hear about how Christianity hates gays. I’m not saying this is true, but clearly it is the perception.

Recently the mistreatment and bullying of homosexual men and boys has been in the spotlight of the news, especially since their mistreatment has led to numerous beatings, murders, and suicides.

I honestly don’t think Christianity can take all the blame for this, that just isn’t fair at all. But, I also disagree with this CNN article from a Focus on the Family member saying Christianity isn’t to blame.

I don’t share videos on this blog too often because I know people don’t watch them and because I only like to share great videos worth your time. This is that kind of video. The fact that a government official felt compelled to take a stand on this is incredibly sad to me.

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Back when I was in high school using the words fag, faggot, homo…all in negative ways, was extremely normal. I was no different than anyone else, I used those words in my everyday language. The people in my high school that I knew were gay or at least were thought to be gay by my friends, I did my best to treat them as poorly as possible. In my mind, they deserved to be outcasts.

I can’t tell you how much shame I feel for those years of my life; how I dealt with gays I knew and used derogatory language so freely was beyond wrong and sinful.

Perception matters. Whether the church and Christianity is guilty of driving gay mistreatment and bullying or not, the perception of its negative stance towards does matter.

I say it’s sad to me that a government official took a stand on this, because while the church may not be in agreement on whether homosexuals can be genuine believers, pastors, etc…it does have an opportunity to love and care for human beings. Where was the church in response to all the bullying in the news?

Let us be known for loving all people, not just those who fit within our system of perfect people.

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