Fortuitous Bouncing

Having seen True Grit, The King’s Speech, and The Social Network in the theater, I’d have to give the nod to The Social Network by a hair over The King’s Speech for Best Picture. Agree?

But honestly, none of them compare with Gladiator, let’s be honest.

Or Braveheart.


  1. What an amazing story from Justin: From pastor to waiter.
  2. Most interesting read of the week: Why Girls Get Bieber Fever from Psychology Today.
  3. Is leadership Biblical? “The NT word “leadership” takes on the element of leading by character not coercion, by submission not hierarchy in reverence for the Lordship of Christ.”
  4. Great review of the popular (at least locally) new show entitled Portlandia. It nails Portland so well.


Have a blessed weekend.