Fortuitous Bouncing

This weekend I’m outside of Portland for our yearly Middle School Winter Camp. We’re in a spot with no cell-phone coverage but we do have one spot with wireless internet. We’ve got a full camp this year, with over 100 people (students, leaders, worship team) here. It should be a great weekend!

Because of it being a camp week, I’ve had very little time to read some of the best from the interwebs this week, so the link list will be a bit shorter. I’ll be back in full force next week.


  1. Interesting q/a article with the cast of Friday Night Lights after filming their final season together. My favorite part was reading about how new cast members were fans of the show before they started working on it.
  2. The message of the Bible in 240 words. The last part: “What men and women must do, before it is too late, is repent and trust Christ; the alternative is to disobey the gospel.”
  3. So you want to be a pastor? What now? Great and helpful video with good encouragement and exhortation.
  4. How Facebook Killed the Church. “Church has always been about social affiliation…But Millennials are in a different social situation. They don’t need physical locations for social affiliation. They can make dinner plans via text, cell phone call or Facebook. In short, the thing that kept young people going to church, despite their irritations, has been effectively replaced. You don’t need to go to church to stay connected or in touch.”
  5. I don’t get IFC but I’ve been loving the new show Portlandia, mostly because I get to laugh at hipsters the whole time. Great to hear it will be extended for a 2nd season.
  6. I’m not a Valentine’s Day fan. For one, it’s my wife’s birthday so we celebrate that not some lame red “holiday.” But, this was pretty sweet I’ll admit it. From Owl City to Taylor Swift.
  7. Do you have a work spouse? This is a concept I’d never considered but I see all too often.

Have a great weekend. Hopefully a bit more relaxing than mine will be 🙂