Fortuitous Bouncing

Yesterday Rose graduated after several years of studying at her massage school. Very proud of my wife!

I’m starting to get excited to go to the Q Conference in Portland next month. I’m attending via a live video feed at a site near the actual conference with other seminary students. The list of speakers far outweighs any conference out there and the concept driving the conference is as good as any other Christian conference. Let me know if you’re coming into town for the conference.


  1. A good question posed by Carlos: Should a worship leader talk or just sing? “If you don’t trust your worship leader to say something on the mic…You probably have the wrong worship leader.”
  2. Lots of change at my church the past few months. Loved this post from my friend and co-worker Janet about some of it from her perspective.
  3. 6 Biblical Principles for Corporate Worship. “The meeting is for corporate response to God, not just individual response.”
  4. A few different perspectives on everything Rob Bell from the past week…I strongly dislike the pride the Gospel Coalition and the Resurgence seem to be having about driving the viral nature of all this…Apparently MSNBC has a bone to pick with Rob…Scot McKnight has put together a solid list of posts as well.
  5. 10 Things Efrem Smith wishes evangelicals would stop doing.


Grace and peace.