Fortuitous Bouncing

Highlight of my week: Watching Francisco Liriano throwing a no hitter for my Twins. Icing on the cake that it was against the White Sox. Hard to call them a rival of the Twins considering how lopsided the match-up has been the last 5 years.

Lots to share with you after missing this post last weekend.


  1. 9 steps to spark your creativity.
  2. Good thoughts from Rhett on why pastors often become therapists.
  3. A helpful look at the pros and cons of streaming church online. “I’m in favor of streaming church services online, but I believe we need to make an active effort to ensure we don’t perpetuate complacency. The last thing the Body of Christ needs is an increase in lethargy.”
  4. My favorite post of the last few weeks from Mandy at Messy Canvas on the F-Word. Yes the real one. “I became quite good at saving up those words to use within the confines of my own head, but I always felt guilty about it.”
  5. Strong implications for churches on Seth’s post: “What’s the point of popular?”
  6. I wrote a post on the #RunRevRun blog last week on some helpful pieces of inspiration for those of you runners.


Grateful for my mom.