Fortuitous Bouncing

Myself and the student worship team are taking the stage this Sunday at church. We typically do this once a year. Makes for a long but great week.

One these days the Twins are actually going to win a baseball game and it will be a great day.

The scary thing about being a Timberwolves fan is that the only enjoyable part of the season is the NBA Draft.


  1. The veneer of the arts and entertainment industry from Brett. “We live in a culture that has placed high value on the ability to demonstrate against-the-grain, unique consumptive habits. As ‘cool’ has fueled capitalism for the better part of five decades, we’ve gradually been conditioned to believe that our identities reside in the brands/products we consume.”
  2. 4 lessons for parents in a constantly connected world.
  3. Sarah says she’s worth more than a book and I completely agree. “All this time I’ve been chasing after something {book} all because I want to feel better about myself. I’ve been wanting it because I somehow think that it will make me more important. A more legitimate voice. Nothing, I’ve learned, could be further than the truth.”
  4. Looking for a legit list of great 20-something bloggers? Look no further.
  5. Favorite post of the week: Scot McKnight shares on “What Love Wins Teaches Us About Christians.”


Have a wonderful weekend.