Fortuitous Bouncing

I run year round, rain, snow, or sunshine. Portlanders like for you to think they’re tough, but it isn’t true. Once the sun comes out everyone likes to bike ride or go for a jog. Almost no one does that during the rain in January though.

If you’re reading this, it means that Jesus still might return as a thief in the night and not as predicted by some crazy pastor.


  1. Baseball lost one of its finest this week. Harmon Killebrew was an amazing baseball player, but probably a better man. A man of integrity, honor, and faith.
  2. Cornel West on Obama, Osama, and Justice: “I am just not convinced that through killing and more murder that you can stop the killing and more murder.”
  3. Interesting look at the phrase “life’s not fair” and how it plays out in church ministry priority. “The fact is we embrace fairness because it’s easier and not because it’s most effective. We embrace fairness because the people on the inside have a louder voice than the people we’re trying to reach.”
  4. Thanks to Eugene for sharing about the homeless man in Chicago who donated thousands of dollars to a banker.
  5. Earlier this week I wrote a post for a “Celebrate Portland” blog series. My post focused on Portland becoming an example for churches and communities working together.


Grace and Peace to you friends.