Fortuitous Bouncing

After many years of classes and studying, Rose found out last night she has passed all her state board exams and is now an officially Licensed Massage Therapist. Very proud of her. Let me know if you ever want a massage, I’ll get her in touch with you.

As a Twins fan, there is no team I hate more than the Chicago White Sox. The good news is that the Twins are 30-7 over their last 37 games and have won 9 straight against them. I love that.

Lots of great links to get to this week.


  1. Brad Lomenick has some good advice on 10 books worth reading this summer.
  2. What kind of pastor do you want to be? “I have to keep reminding myself that the goal of the Christian life is love and that means that I can’t let my inner life be an end in itself. My inner life must be the fuel for an outer life of love, of self-sacrifice, of hospitality, of listening.”
  3. Earlier this week I wrote a post for the #RunRevRun blog about my favorite running app.
  4. Kyle on the truth about blogging.
  5. She’s technically on a blogging break, but Mandy still manages to write a great post on our need to divulge information. “Perhaps one way we can help cultivate the mystery in our lives is to let some things remain just that – a mystery. To hold close some of our deepest thoughts. To not be so quick to spout off our biggest dreams.”
  6. I do think Mark Driscoll crossed the line here and this post calls him on it.