Fortuitous Bouncing

While the rest of the country has been fighting a heat index of over 110*, we’ve been a nice comfortable 70* most of the week. But don’t worry, Portlanders still find something to complain about. It isn’t warm enough here they say. I say, shut up.

If the Twins finish the season above .500, they’ll be the first team ever to go from 20 games below .500 to finish above .500. Don’t bet against it.

Plenty of great links to share with you.


  1. A look into the creative process. The good, the bad, and the painful.
  2. Josh says, “for everything: a season.” Yes, indeed.
  3. John Piper interviewed Louie Giglio on how Passion came to be and why they still exist today. Loved every bit of it.
  4. Ann Voskamp had a beautiful post this week on patience being difficult to find. “Patient people dare to gratefully accept people where they are. Grateful for who they are now, appreciative of works of art not yet finished, but still deeply loved. Patient people dare to receive the present always as a present – grace.”
  5. 10 dos and don’ts for internet writing/blogging.


Grace and Peace.