Fortuitous Bouncing

This past Sunday I played in the band in the morning, and then led worship and spoke at our high school ministry program. I don’t recommend doing all that in one day. I couldn’t think straight on Monday morning.

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Forecast for Portland the next 7+ days, 80* and sunny! There’s a reason people live here.


  1. Los with a convicting post on Amy Winehouse.
  2. Chris Brogan has a good take on what being an influencer looks like. “Please stop worrying about your Klout score, or your stock price on Empire Avenue and on all kinds of other measures that don’t have much to do with anything related to your real world. This is akin to still being in the Matrix, but thinking you have free will. Worrying about whether or not you’re an influencer by someone else’s measures is like having a toy steering wheel and thinking you’re driving the car.”
  3. Now here’s something worth processing. JK Rowling claims to have a Christian faith, but do her books present Christian values? Good post from Scot McKnight.
  4. Favorite post of the week from my friend AJ Swoboda.
  5. Eugene Peterson: Pastor, Author…and Runner! 🙂
  6. Mike Cosper has “The Bossypants Guide to Sunday Morning.” So good. (#1.5 favorite post of the week)
  7. Loved these notes taken by Darrell from a talk Bryan Allain gave on “why the world needs your blog.”


Enjoy the last weekend in July!