The New Look

This blog has been down over the past few days to make quite a few changes to the look and function within it. Paul Bae has been a rock star coder for me and he came up with the new look of the blog. If you’re reading this in an email or RSS reader head on over to the actual blog and see the new look.

Oh and definitely follow Paul on Twitter if you aren’t.

A few changes to notice:

  1. It looks different. Ha, just kidding, that’s fairly obvious. If it doesn’t look different to you, do a hard refresh of your page (Control+R or Control+F5 on a PC, Command+R or Shift+Command+R on a Mac).
  2. There’s an “Archives” tab on the right side so if you want to look back at posts from years ago quickly, now there’s an easy way to do that.
  3. If you prefer to read blogs via email, over on the “Subscription” tab, there’s a quick an easy way to sign up.
  4. Comments are now run by Disqus. There’s a big debate within the blogging world of whether to stick with WordPress comments or try Disqus. We’re making the leap here. If you prefer to just put your name and email to leave a comment, nothing changes for you. For those of you who like to get email notifications for comment replies and other features, signing up for a Disqus account is the way to go. You can also connect your blog comment with your Twitter/Facebook/Google profile if you prefer.
  5. And probably my favorite part is that there’s now a section featuring the work of The Mentoring Project and Paul’s work as well. It’s on the right-hand sidebar.

If you notice things that seem off as you navigate around today and in the coming weeks, please let me know.

How do you like the new look?