The Three :: Super Bowl Edition

Coming to you this week is 3 videos that I have enjoyed recently. Some you may have seen, some you may not have seen.

Sunday marks the biggest television and sporting event of the year. So the first two videos have to do with the game and all it entails.

1. Starting with one of the great comedies of all time…Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and the spin Honda put on it for this extended commercial. I’m sure a shorter section of this will make it on during the game and it will be a big favorite for best commercial.

2. Most of you will watch the Super Bowl, either with your own family or at some sort of Super Bowl Party. Here’s a nice little video to help you with your etiquette at that party. Enjoy.

3. And lastly this is one crazy dunk. One 6 foot 10 inch guy dunking over (with authority) one of the best defensive centers in basketball who is 7 feet tall himself. Hard to imagine seeing a better dunk than this over the course of the season.

Have a great weekend friends. I’ll be rooting for the Giants because Victor Cruz helped end my fantasy football season. It’s decision I’ve made out of respect mostly.