Two Bands You Should Not Miss Out On

I’ve been on a new music kick lately. Partly because some wonderful albums¬†have been dropped on us the past few months, and partly because I’m one of those people who says that new seasons call for new music.

I can think back to specific times growing up, and more than anything else I associate songs and musical genres with them. Here’s a couple new bands (to me) that I can’t get enough of, and I have a feeling you’ll appreciate them as well.


I must confess most of my new music recommendations are from Twitter friends. Big thanks to Lore for spouting off about this husband/wife duo. They’re like The Civil Wars, meets Needtobreathe, meets The Lone Bellow, meets All Sons and Daughters, meets Mumford and Sons. If that doesn’t draw you in, move right along.

Here’s a newly released video for their song “Home”:

And if that doesn’t convince you to dive in, this will. “Diamonds.”

Loud Harp

Credit to this find is due to my friends at Page CXVI, a great band in their own right. Simplicity comes to mind with Loud Harp. Everything they do can be stripped down to piano and guitar. The lyrics are also simple, allowing the message not to get lost in intricate details. But I love their latest album cause there’s a subtle intensity that comes out within the simplicity.

Here’s a live recording of “The Nearness of You.”

What have you been listening to lately?

PS. For those of you who care about significant changes in my life, you may want to check this out.