I’ve spent some time studying the implications of postmodernity on theology and on church ministry. This won’t be a discussion on my opinion on those, but one emphasis that I think is valuable is the mysteriousness of God. Modernity always looked for the rational to base beliefs on. However, as we see in my previous post on revelation, there must be a mystery to who God is to us. There are parts of God that we cannot explain through rational or experiential approaches, and the postmodern individual seems to enjoy this aspect of God rather than run away from it.
God tells us that “your thoughts are not my thoughts…” So clearly we do not think the same way that God does, or maybe God does not even need to think. Can we truly know?

How does this relate to my last post you might say? Well it completely relates. I said there are parts of God which remain a mystery. And why God would allow nature and general revelation to be enough revelation of Himself for all people to be accountable, is one of those mysteries for me. As with anything in Christianity, without faith the decrees of the Lord are pointless. All the arguments in the world for or against something can’t make you believe that God would condemn the 18 year old kid from India, but you must have faith that God had revealed Himself to the boy in His own way, probably a way outside of conventional thinking. As I’ve mulled through all this I’ve come to a place of peace knowing I come no where close to how God “thinks.” This is the God who provided me grace despite my continuing sinful nature, what a selfish thought to think I might know better than God on how someone might come to know Him.

Just as Slaton said, I just hope that my life is providing more opportunities for those who do not know the GREAT NEWS.

*Have a great weekend. Should be a good game (Oregon/Cal). Look for the start of “Sunday Night Thoughts,” my summary of the weekend in sports.