Sunday Night Thoughts

I think I’ll start the Sunday Night Thoughts weekly blog tonight. I finished the dishes Rose, so I’m watching the Giants/Eagles game…and its ugly. I’m going against Ward and Plaxico in a league this week, otherwise I could care less. One thing to know is despite following sports a lot on the weekend, I still go to church and work on Saturday. Sports must be kept in perspective.

Ok, Saturday first. College football.

The first half of the Oregon/Cal game was ugly and boring. I caught the last part of the game, only to see Dixon revert back to his normal self. I don’t know why everyone thoug
ht he was so much different this year. He has always been good the first few games of the year. I do think he is better this year, but his careless interceptions showed that he isn’t a heisman candidate.
Oregon St….wow. Up 2 touchdowns early and get blown out at home against a team that just got blown out by an average Utah team the previous week. It will be a long year in Corvallis…course I don’t see any light at the tunnel with Bernard and Stroughter leaving after this season.
I can’t believe Texas and Oklahoma both lost. If there is one thing that college football has on the NFL, its upsets like Saturday. If college football continues to have more upsets, it will only help.
USC will lose at some point. They did not look good Saturday
night and I would not be shocked if they lost at Oregon and Cal. I just remember USC being able to do anything they wanted against average teams like Washington and they did not move the ball well.

Ok NFL time.
I guess the headlines today are Brett Favre, the Bears and the Chargers.
It is weird to me how emotional Favre is with football. If he isn’t emotionally ok he doesn’t seem to play well, but clearly this year he is happy with his team and is playing great. I have nothing against him, but Peyton Manning doesn’t seem to have these problems. Congrats to him on a record that I could careless about. Football isn’t a numbers game like baseball is. I know he has a cult following but I’m a Vikings fan and I will come after our biggest rival anytime I can.

The Bears…..are bad. They won’t make the playoffs. They can’t run, they can’t pass. No defense is good without an offense that can move the ball.
The Chargers….are….I don’t know. They’re weird. Norv Turner is a terrible coach. They aren’t any different this year, but now they can’t stop anyone and they can’t move the ball effectively. I don’t have any Chargers on any of my fantasy teams…so I don’t care how bad they are.
My Vikings were…well the Vikings today. Average. Good defense and below average offense. They are one of the better 1-3 teams in my mind but I’m probably biased.
Quick thoughts: Good for Joey, he deserves to do well. It is cool to see Derek Anderson do well in Cleveland, but of course I’ll only remember the time I took his money in golf (he is a big dude though). Dallas’ offense is unreal. TO had 3 catches today and they still scored 35 points. I’m glad I have Jon Kitna in fantasy, because the Lions are legit. I think Trent Dilfer proved he should retire. Seattle is good, but I know Frisco isn’t that bad. Nice wins for Zona and Buffalo. I think Indy proved today that Denver isn’t at their level yet.

I can’t believe the Mets really did that. I’m amazed. Good hitting, decent pitching and they fell a part.
Of course I don’t care because the Phillies are fun to watch with Utley and Howard.
Good for the Rockies…they deserve it. I hope they win tomorrow against the Pads.
I can’t believe postseason baseball is here already.
Wow, tomorrow is October, the best sports month on the calender. Into the football season, preseason basketball, postseason baseball, and Nascar. Wait…that is not a sport.

If I wasn’t married I would have skipped church to watch the Presidents Cup. Something intrigues me about team golf. Of course it helps to enjoy watching golf in the first place. It is good that the US finally blew someone out, Europe or International. Mike Weir beat Mr Woods in Canada. It was like watching a hockey game on a golf course. Pretty cool.

On a side note….the new David Crowder cd is worth the money…every penny. Great stuff. He is coming to Portland on the 18th.

Welcome to Monday….Patriots will win by more than 10 points tomorrow night, with or without cameras.