Fusion Rundown

I learned today that Tuesday’s are long days. Staff meeting at 9:30, work from 11 till 6, set up for Fusion until it starts at 7, get home around 10. Fusion for those who do not know is the college and young adults group at Sunset Presbyterian Church. Rose and I do music weekly for this. So tonight went like this:

Mighty to Save: Key of A flat (Capo 4 in E)
Everlasting God: Key of B (Capo 4 in G) Here is Brenton Brown teaching this song.
How Great Thou Art: yes I did a hymn Key of B
Zack’s message was on Matthew 17 and Stephanie had a cool testimony.
Come Ye Sinners: Key of E (I liken the Robbie Seay version more than the Todd Agnew version, maybe because I prefer Robbie over Todd….that could have something to do with it)
Here is Our King: Key of A (Capo 2, G) Here is a video of Crowder teaching Here is Our King.
A great way to end a night centered around the transfiguration.

We went a little long which seemed to keep the group from responding as well as I had hoped at the end. Even though I was sick, I still felt solid enough to let the songs go through well and Rose was awesome as usual. A solid night.