Sunday Night Thoughts

I hate fantasy football. Hate it….my quarterback today scores no points and I start a guy who decides to pull his hamstring in warm ups and I’m at church so I find out when I get home. LAME O. Unless TO blows up tomorrow night I’m going to lose to my little bro who was taught everything he knows by me. That is embarrassing.
So some thoughts (this will be shorter since I had enough complaints about how long it was last Sunday):

I find it hard not to root for the Rockies. 17 out of 18 wins it just unreal.
I think ARod might go down as a the greatest player ever, but he is not clutch at all.
I can’t believe the Saints are 0-4.
When Manny hit that huge blast on Friday night, it reminded me why October is such a great month. The suspense of a post season baseball game is so high…its a beautiful thing.

I’m happy for OSU fans..its about time they win a game.
I would like you all to notice what I said last Sunday about USC…of course I never thought they would lose to Stanford, thats crazy talk.
Oregon’s loss to Cal looks better every day because they’re ranked #2 now.
South Florida is ranked #5 in some polls. No this isn’t Miami, or Florida, or Florida St. This is a team that was I-AA just a few years ago. I doubt I’m the only one confused with that.

I think that is enough from me. Long day…time to relax.