Things I've Learned about Leading Worship by Being a Janitor .1

For those of you who don’t know I work at Sunset Presbyterian as a glorified janitor. I say that because I set up for meetings and events, but really I vacuum, wipe down tables, take out trash, wash windows…etc. Now and then during my day I try and think of ways of how my job is preparing me to be a worship pastor or how it relates to leading worship. I’ve been leading worship for awhile now but I think a lot of my job relates to leading worship.

1. Washing windows. You don’t just wipe down a window. You spray, wipe down to get finger prints off, then sqeegee (sp?), then wipe the edges with a towel. Its a process, you can’t do a good job in one step. You can’t have a great Sunday morning gathering with one great song either. The whole is a sum of its parts, not one part. I think a Sunday could be centered around a song or the message but its not going to be great because of one thing. It is how a set of music works together that makes it great, not the last song before the message.