A New Way of Marketing

It seems to me that marketing is something that is always changing, read this post and learn how. Hence why it is always a competitive industry for jobs. One of the biggest changes I have seen in the past few years is how marketing works within the internet, especially within entertainment. I’ve been reading this guy’s blog. He has been traveling a lot lately meeting with some not as well known Christian bands about their marketing on the internet. All of these bands have a website that includes the usual song clips, pictures, tour info, and so on. I don’t know about you, but I never (ok…hardly ever) go to a band’s website. There is no reason to go. Nothing is exciting, it just a pile of information.

The number one thing he has been talking to these bands about is interactivity. Most often we would think of this in the form of a blog, but there are many ways to do this beyond blogging. Blogging just happens to be the most well known of ways to interact with a large audience on the internet right now. At first when I was reading his blogs about all this I was thinking…well it would be cool to read their blogs (the bands). But then I caught myself. I would never go to the website of these bands, but I would read their blog and in turn be more likely to listen to their music, and go to their concert. They got me.

That is a new(smart) way of marketing.