Fortuitous Bouncing

Here is a picture of the white board in my Old Testament class.Yeah….tell me about it.

  • A take on abortion, gay marriage, and politics.
  • It was Rose’s birthday yesterday. I took the day off of work. We had a great day and we saw Juno, which I would recommend. It was a solid movie.
  • Is it possible to be a progressive evangelical?
  • Huck can pack it up because it is over. Kind of sad that Romney can almost hate McCain and then endorse him.
  • Apparently what people want in a spouse and choose in a spouse are two different things.
  • Catholics aren’t happy that Hillary is having a rally at St. Mary’s. It just goes to show that abortion is a political hot bed.
  • There is speculation about the NIU shooter and the role his medication played. He stopped taking the medication a few days ago. I can’t help but wonder if there will be laws introduced for people who are deemed mentally unstable. I don’t know that you can make a person take their medications but it sure seems like that played a big role in this tragedy.