A Long Day

Today has been an unbelievably long day. A great day, but really long. I haven’t really stopped moving since 6am…and now its 9:30pm. I led worship with Jill this morning at Sunset. I’ll highlight our 11am service because that is the one I focused in on.

Main Set

  • All Because of Jesus (Fee) B
  • My Savior Lives (Gateway) B
  • Live to Worship (Gateway) D
  • You are the One (Brewster) E
  • Offertory: Resurrection (Sponberg) Cm

I loved the energy at the top of the set. Ben was awesome on All Because Of Jesus on electric. It felt easy to get pumped up to play those first 2 songs because the people behind me all rocked it. At the same time I loved the end of the set as well. We played You are the One with 2 acoustics, something that hasn’t happened in a while at Sunset. It was a good mix of reflective and energetic worship. I felt really really good about it all. I’m sure it helped that all the musicians I got to play with make me thankful I can sing…cause they can hack it and I just try.

It was also great to have my family up from Salem. It was the first time my dad had seen me play somewhere other than his church. Kind of weird to have him at my church, but great nonetheless. Rose and I hung out with them and some friends after the morning services, but then had to head back at 4 for practice for Overflow, the high school group. Things went great for that and now I’m glad to be home to let my body rest.

How was your worship Sunday?